INTRODUCING: A ONCE In-A-Lifetime Experience You Can Enjoy From Your HOME...
“Give Me 2-Days and I’ll Show You How to Go From Zero to $500-$1,000 Per Day With Your Very Own E-commerce Business… Even If You’ve Never Made a Sale in Your Life”
From The Desk of Thomas Bartke:

If you’re reading this, then chances are, you’ve been following me for awhile. 

You’ve probably seen the hundreds of screenshots from my students all over the world.

Students who make anywhere from $1,000 per day to those who have made over $300,000 per day!

Most of them have turned into online “GURUS” teaching others how to make money online with E-commerce.

WHY? Because E-commerce is the most profitable business in today’s day and age… and if you know exactly what to do, you can make a full time income from home doing it!

The proof that E-commerce works is everywhere 

 Heck Jeff Bezos (The founder of Amazon)… for a moment this year, was the RICHEST man in the world.  

...And he’s all about E-commerce…  

But for some weird and unexplained reason... 

E-commerce just hasn’t worked for YOU… Yet...

Have you ever asked yourself… “Why am I not getting the same results that they are getting?”

I mean you’ve tried doing everything they’ve told you right?

Let me guess, it goes a little something like this.
  Test new products (or better yet, copy a winning product from a competitors... 
  Run PPE ads to them...
  Do website conversion ads...
  Try auto bidding or manual bidding...
  Scale the winners, and then get rid of the losers
  Wash, rinse, repeat...

Sound about right?

But again, for some unexplained reason, it’s still not working for you… as well as you hoped it would.

Products Just Aren’t As Profitable as You Expected… Or they work for a few days and then die off, or Worst, You’re Just Simply Making Facebook RICH, while burning a hole in your pocket...

The BOTTOM LINE is this…

E-commerce WORKS… if you know what you’re doing.

If you don’t, it will be a LONG, uphill battle… where you spend money in hopes to make money…

And how’s that working for you?

You know what they say, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

This is where I come in...

Hi, Thomas Bartke here, and I’m about to solve one of the BIGGEST PROBLEMS you’re currently facing right now…

You See...
Learning From Webinars, Seminars Where They Just Teach on Stage With Very Little Audience Interaction, or Watching YouTube Videos in Hopes of Learning
E-commerce Isn’t Going to Cut it Anymore…

I know because I’ve done all of the above.

Don’t get me wrong, webinars and seminars work, but the success rate just isn’t where I want it to be with that format.

And although I have a mile-deep track record of success stories from teaching seminars and my programs online, I’m always looking to raise the BAR even higher…

I don’t want the typical 5%-20% success rate most people have with their programs...

 My goal is 100% success rate and nothing less…

With all the messages I see online of people complaining about their lack of results, I decided to step it up, and do something about it.

So that’s why I put together my…

“Build...Scale...Done...2-Day VIRTUAL Workshop Intensive”
Where We Take You By the Hand and Show You How to Start Your E-commerce Business From Scratch and Scale it From Zero to $1,000 Per Day… FAST!”

Here’s how it works. You come into the workshop with nothing.

My team will teach you (in an accelerated fashion) everything you need to know about getting started with your E-commerce business… or jump starting it again in case you’re at a plateau right now.

This isn’t the typical online where we have 1000s of people in attendance, with multiple speakers we interview, and you take notes the entire time and implement when you get home.

I don’t want to leave your success to chance.

We will show you exactly what to do, and what’s working now...look over your shoulders as you do it,
and get you to IMPLEMENT everything live and
in-person… ALL ONLINE!
You don’t really have the luxury of time to wait till you get back home, in hopes of remembering everything you’ve learned, and implement then.

Instead, you’ll implement and “get stuff done” on the spot so you leave with something completed.

Best part? You get the feedback you need, and personal attention to ON THE SPOT… So you don’t have to wait weeks in between Q&A sessions to get your questions answered.

You get the help you need IMMEDIATELY so there’s forward momentum happening.

This way, you can start the year with a BANG, feeling confident knowing that you are on the right track!

YOU can get more accomplished in just 2 Days then most people do in 3-6 months!

Like I said, time is of the essence here, so we will bend time to get you there faster…

Besides, success loves SPEED anyways… and in my experience, once you know what to do, and exactly how to do it, then things can happen freaky fast…

Especially in the world of E-commerce.

I can’t tell you how many students I’ve had that were deep in financial debt… or just struggling… and most would think that it would take them months or years to turn things around…

Then when things finally “CLICK” for them, they turn things around extremely quickly and make more in weeks than most people make in a year. Yes mindset and belief are extremely important, but the “Know how” is what accelerates things, and success in this industry…

So here’s what we’ll focus on during the 2-day intensive…

How to Quickly Test and Find WINNING Products

I said this before and I’ll say it again.
 You CAN'T Scale The Crap Out Of A Crappy Product...
It needs to be good. 

Product selection, especially nowadays, is more important than ever. 

Typically you need to master product research, product testing, and all that jazz… and for most people, that can take weeks or months...

You need to be able to do your product RESEARCH fast… that’s why we’ll show you some of the stuff that’s selling hot right now, and what “flies off the shelf”.

So you can “skip” the typical learning curve most go through.

Again, my goal here is to eliminate as much of the guesswork and potential points of failure on your end.

In this entire section, we’ll of course show you the templates we use, and how we build out our pages quickly on Shopify, while maintaining high conversions.

It’s not that hard when you know exactly what to do…

Once it’s all built, tested, and we’re seeing some positive results, then comes my favorite part... 

The Science of Scaling Products From Zero to $1,000 Per Day and Beyond... 

Yes, because scaling is a science.

A very simple one when you understand the formula you’re going to learn during the 2-day intensive.

Again, most people take months, and flush money down the drain with all these unnecessary experiments…

They are confused because the GURUS they follow have conflicting information.

So rather than confuse you further, we’ll be sharing with you the EXACT workflow we use for running my own e-commerce stores!

It’s the same one that I only share with my consulting clients who pay me $15,000 per month for my time… or my super high end clients who make $100,000 per day with my proven, proprietary scaling system.

You having my exact “Facebook Ads Scaling Workflow” is like having a treasure map in your possession…

I’m dead serious.

It’s probably the closest you’ll ever get to legally printing money. 

...Because that’s how profitable E-commerce can be!

Just think about it for a second…

What would YOU DO if you had a proven formula… that for every $1 you put in, you could get $2-$5 back, or more?

That’s exactly what you’ll be getting here… if you SHOW UP and follow the instructions that we’ll show you during the 2-day virtual event.

Then You’re DONE!..

That’s why we call it Build, Scale, Done… Because Getting Your E-commerce to $1,000 per day doesn’t have to be complicated… It can be simple!

No more complexity and confusion!

It’s time to enjoy the process of making money with E-commerce instead of dreading it.

...And once you understand the formula and process, then you can repeat it as many times as you want.

So, whatever goals you may have like: 
           Buying a new car
           Buying a new house
           Saving up for retirement 
           Replacing your income 
           Traveling more 
           Upgrading your lifestyle 

You can leave, empowered, knowing that you’ve got the SKILL and the “know how” to turn those dreams into a reality.

Truth is, you’re just ONE WINNING product away.

One winning product can bring in $1,000 per day or $100,000 per day!

And once you know “How To Do It” then you can’t UNLEARN it…

You’ll have that powerful knowledge for life!

What Makes This Different From Every Other Virtual Workshop Out There?

So far we’ve gone through some very IMPORTANT points.
     ● You get personal attention...
     ● We spoon feed you what’s working...
     ● We look over your shoulders...
     ● We hold you accountable so you can implement on the spot...

That’s not even the best part of it all…

I’m going to take it one step further…

I’ll be having “Mr. X” from my team there to help facilitate this experience for you .

Let me tell you about “Mr. X” for a second...

He is the same person who works with me “behind the scenes” with some of my most important projects.

He’s seen my personal ad accounts… 

...And he’s also seen the same accounts where my clients have made $100,000 per day, consistently for 30+ days in a row…

In other words…

He’s on the INSIDE… in my “INNER CIRCLE”... and he Has direct access to the knowledge that most people Would do ANYTHING to have...

...And in the last several months, I’ve been working with him to do 1 thing and 1 thing only…


On how to go from $0 to $1,000 per day…

Simplify it...

Boil it down to basics and specifics.

Heck even TEST IT OUT personally on brand new ad accounts to that the theory is beyond proven…

...And once it’s perfected to my standards… It’s time to share the knowledge with those who have been struggling for awhile.

Pretty cool huh?

After all, I only want to provide you with relevant, up-to-date, information that’s ready to be implemented now.

Here’s How It Works...

After doing the math of how many people we can realistically serve, it boils down to around 30.

That’s the number I’m comfortable with without compromising the quality of the program.

Due to demand, and people wanting to start the new year on the right foot... we’ll be doing the workshop on February 2 and 3… So that it gives you enough time to take advantage of the first quarter of 2018!

Trust me... It’s something you DO NOT want to miss.

Now let’s talk about the investment for this.

It won’t be the $45,000 that I normally charge to work with people for 90 days.

...Or the $7,500 that I charge to work with my advanced folks for 2-days.

For this exclusive event, it’s only going to be a one-time payment of $1,500.

That’s it...
Now I know you’re probably thinking... 

“Thomas, shouldn’t this be worth more?..”

Believe me, most of my colleagues suggested I charge at least $7,500 for this.

...And I’ve considered it a lot… But there’s one thing you should know about me…

Even though I love speed and quick results, at end of the day… I am a LONG TERM guy.

I’ve been around for awhile and I’ll continue to be around in the space for many years to come.

...And I know if I help YOU get started and see success with this… and when you can go look back a month from now and say…

“WOW… That’s the event that changed everything… That’s where it all STARTED!”

Then I know you’ll be back for more later down the road.

You see, I’m all about WIN-WIN situations… and I have no problems investing in YOU first.

Rather than charge what it’s worth… I’d rather charge 75% less, so I can have the opportunity to turn you into my next success story…

So, I guess my final question to you is…

“Are you ready to be my next success story?”
"...I Expect I Will Triple My Daily Sales Today..."
I finally set up my first real Thomas Bartke style... adset yesterday. 

So far today, that one Adset is outperforming everything else! I expect that I will triple my daily sales today!

I've made an extremely good living for the last two years... this takes it to a whole new level@ Thank You!!
Frank Keeney
"...I Did The First Method of Bidding & Viola.."
I had a store which is suffering from Traffic illness, I have done everything possible... I got one sales from it, however product was going viral but traffic was not coming as I expected. 

So I decided to try what Mr. Thomas Bartke (big thanks to him) explained... I did the first method... and viola, I noticed Traffic increased dramatically and a few sales...
Paul Akande
"300 Purchases Fired..!"
Hey Thomas Bartke. ...On a couple products I created... 300 purchases fired...
Deepak Sarode
"...Yesterday it had 10 purchases..!"
Hey Thomas Bartke. I'm doing manual bidding on this adset and yesterday it had 10 purchases at $4.50 per purchase. 
Deepak Sarode
"For Anyone Sitting On The Fence It Works"
Thanks To Thomas for teaching this months ago, and for Anyone sitting on the fence it works if you apply it.
Rhonda Westley
"Running Since Oct... Profitable Every Day..."
This Adset running since October in a competitive niche... Profitable everyday!
"Many People Buy Multiples & Upsells..."
Frank Keeney
"170k+ Total..."
Frank Keeney
"CPC Link Clicks- 100% Cheaper..."
Turning LOSERS Into Winners Thanks To Thomas Bartke.

So basically I had these campaigns that have been running all week and were losers. I changed them.... and the results speak for themselves after 24hrs!
Dane Sarcosi
"Turning LOSERS Into Winners Thanks To Thomas Bartke..."
Turning LOSERS Into Winners Thanks To Thomas Bartke.
So basically I had these campaigns that have been running all week and were losers. I changed them.... and the results speak for themselves after 24hrs!
Roger Dagenis

By now, you already know that I walk the walk…

...And I have more verified success stories than any other E-commerce GURU out there (most of them are my past students, in fact). So it’s not a matter of “Does Thomas’ stuff work?”...

We’ve already proven that, time and time again… the question is…

Will you be the next person I feature on my site as a success story?

It’s as simple as that.

So if you’re ready to jump start your E-commerce business and finally get the knowledge and attention you deserve over 2 “life changing” days, then go ahead and look below to reserve your spot now.

Since I made the initial post about this workshop, I’ve already had over 200+ people commenting and letting me know they are INTERESTED.

With only 30 spots available, this will sell out fast.

So if you’re reading this… and it all makes sense to you… and you are ready for something that finally works… and you are excited about ending the year with a BANG… and starting next year with an UNFAIR advantage over everyone else…

Then you need to be at this event.
Thomas Bartke
See You At The Event!
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Q: When and Where is the "Build Scale Done" Event? 
A: It is happening on 23rd - 24th March 2018, all virtual.

Q: Can anyone attend this event? 
A: Yes, But ONLY if you seriously want to build & scale a successful online ecommerce business.
This is a LIVE 2-Day event and we'll build your store WITH you!

Q: Anything Else I Should Know? 
A: YES! Better HURRY... We have a hard stop at 40 spots and over 500 people have already expressed interest.

P.S. I hate to say it, but it needs to be said... DON'T be..."That Guy!" 

Don't be the one who sees an amazing opportunity like this... who says they want to change their life... and who says they want to be successful, yet, walks away without doing anything about it. 

That guy is all talk, no action... we call them "Want-repreneur". Someone who is always talking about what they "want" but NEVER actually does anything about it.

Don't be a "wannabe"... You can actually be everything you ever wanted.

Go ahead and sign up, RIGHT NOW!

You owe it to yourself, your family and your business to check this out and see what it's all about...

Go ahead... Do it now... While you're thinking about it! 

We only have 40 spots and this WILL sell out! 

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